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It’s not like you matter to me…

8ut I’ve 8een told that I should apologize for my 8el8ed upd8ing l8ly. She said that I should castr8 myself 8efore you all if necessary. 8ut I don’t think I will. I’ve gotten a c8uple 8f p8rticul8rly n8sty c8mments recently a8out my l8ck 8f p8sts. It’s a t8d 8it infuri8ing 8ctu8lly. I will n8t toler8 it! Kn8w y8ur 8etters, y8u o8noxious low8loods! 8ut you should 8e el8ed to know that this reprieve will be over soon. I just need to clear a few things off of my plate. I mean you know me, all my irons in all the fires of course. I will have time to post again soon enough. I might have more if that 8itch AA would stop 8eing so selfish and lend me a hand with the time management already. Grrrrrrrr…….. Well anyway, look forward to more of me in a just a few of your human days. 

((Seriously guys. I take time out of my day to do this and you should be a little more understanding to the fact that I can’t spend every waking moment at my tablet slaving away to please you. I’ve been incredibly busy as a student taking my finals and trying to salvage my GPA so I can get into my college of choice. Be nice. I’m not obligated to do this and I won’t spend time on it if you don’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated.))


((Click for the actual full view. Tumblr cut it off out of stupidity.

I know it’s not obvious but she flipped her hair and it’s settling. I tried to do a full hair flip but I’m still just getting used to animating. I may make a better one soon. On that note. I’m going to use this blog to try out a more cutesy style so that I can answer everyone’s questions faster and do color as well. I’ll still have a few that I put a lot of work into but I just don’t have a ton of time for lines that take up to two hours.))

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